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Launching a Digital Ambassador Program

USD and Trinity College Share Why Now is the Time 

In the face of COVID-19, the University of San Diego and Trinity College worked quickly to ensure their admitted class of 2024 felt supported. On April 6th, representatives from both institutions joined PeopleGrove to discuss how ambassador programs are helping them drive yield and meet their enrollment goals. 

If you missed the panel, or would like to review the content, here is the recording:




Highlights from the Panel:

Authenticity: Joe Catrino of Trinity College shared how important ambassadors can be in helping a school get their message across. "Students want the straight story. They don't want advertising. There is value in storytelling, and only a student can truly share our story with authenticity.”

Scale and Personalization: Before using PeopleGrove, USD had a "six-step process" to connect ambassadors with prospects. USD's Director of Admissions Minh-Ha Hoang shared how the platform has helped create better connections faster. "This platform allows us to build connections 1:1 with students. It allows us to align students with similar interests…it’s really a magical experience.”

Thinking Ahead: When yield season ends, Summer Melt becomes the concern. But Austin McKinley, Admissions Communications Supervisor as USD, is thinking even beyond that! "What about those [high school] juniors and sophomores that had tours that they registered for? How are we communicating to them?...but here's how we can be intentional with you."  

The Right Partner: With time of the essence, things really needed to move quickly. Adrienne Oddi, Director of Admissions at Trinity, was happy to have support in getting the platform ready in just days. "PeopleGrove has held our hands getting this launched. With limited experience [on the platform], I was able to do this!”

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